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Have a Big, Dopey, Impossible Goal? Want to join a community of inspiring women all working towards becoming their best selves?

You’ve navigated your way to the right place. Join my Facebook Group to get started on your own journey to accomplishing your biggest dreams! You’ll be a part of a wickedly awesome group of brave, bold, and beaming spirits from all over the world who are sharing their fearless stories, venturesome photographs, daring ideas, and inspirational honesty.

Don’t feel like you’re that brave? Don’t have a big goal in mind that you are working toward? Over the fad of every product and coffee cup having “Goal-Getter” plastered all over it? That’s ok!

What’s right for us is someone who is:

  • Wanting to better their lives through trying new things, facing new fears (no matter how big or small), and stepping outside of their comfort zone

  • Open-minded and wants to be surrounded by others who are supportive and non-judgmental

  • Unique and weird willing to share that uniqueness with the rest of weirdos

  • Eager to tell us what they are passionate about and obsessed with: whether it’s running with your giant Great Dane, getting back into your childhood love of riding horses, wanting to step into a new career, or you love of all things Bravo.

  • Imperfect

What’s not right for us:

  • Snark

  • One-uppers

  • Know-it-alls

Still not sure you want to join?

  • Be as involved (or not) as you would like.

  • Check it out for yourself, read what some of our other members are sharing, and make the decision for yourself!

  • You can always gracefully leave the group if you decide we’re all a bit to strange for you.

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