Day 8 | Drink Water


The Adventure

Celebrating finally being a Mom by using my BumpLife water bottle from Bump Box

The Contender

An excessive water-drinker who is excited to have her pre-pregnancy bladder back.

The Experience

This morning, we got the second best set of news we could have asked for: Dagny would be released from the NICU and we would be allowed to spend the night with her in the hospital in a special suite for NICU graduates. We have our Super Nurse of the day, JOdy, to thank for really advocating for Dagny’s release.

The NICU calls this process “rooming in” and allowed my husband and I to spend the day and night with Dagny, unmonitored, unwired, and unsupervised (for the most part) to make sure she still maintained her temperature for the day and that we felt comfortable with the care that she needed (meaning, feeding her and changing her).

After feeding Dagny her second breakfast (#HobbitStatus), my husband and I ran back over to the ROnald McDonald House to pack up our things and clean up our room. We thanked the staff there for providing such an amazing service, bought a newborn onesie and a coffee mug (I was shocked my husband let me … he mocks my coffee mug collection all the time), and then jumped in the car.

We went to The Kitchen Table for our last lunch out without a tiny little peanut strapped to us. It was an adorable local restaurant that served breakfast and lunch. Everyone who walked into the restaurant was greeted warmly, mostly by name, and I was reminded of why I love small towns.

By the time we got back to the hospital, it was time for Dagny to eat again (third breakfast? First lunch?), so we got her fed and changed before rolling her out of the glass sliding door of the NICU and down the hall of the Labor + Delivery floor to our suite for the evening.

You guessed it, I cried again.

The rest of the evening was spent eating, snuggling, napping, learning how to give Dagny a bath (cuteness alert!), and watching Sasquatch documentaries on our hospital television. The room had a queen sized bed (hallelujah after a week of laying in a hospital bed and then a twin bed), two gloriously comfortable rocking chairs, a full bathroom, microwave, and fridge. It was like staying in a hotel!

things were finally feeling normal again. We were one final step away from taking Dagny home.

Let’s bring it back to the adventure for today, though.

When i found out I was pregnant back in August, I decided I wanted to treat myself to a monthly bump box subscription

With Bump Box, you can order a single box or sign up for a 6, 9, or 12-month subscription. i went with the 6-month subscription. Each box is filled with 5-8 healthy, full-sized products tailored to your due date along with gift cards for various baby and pregnancy-related products.

90% of the products I received I absolutely loved. The ones that I decided to place in my “give to a pregnant friend” box were items I had already purchased for myself or things I just knew I wouldn’t use (pregnany scrapbook, ponytail holders, belly butter).

Many of the items were pampering related, which I super love because I tend to not splurge on items like this. some of my favorite items were the face creams and cleansers, the samples of healthy sweet treats and lactation cookies (I mean, YUM), the eye masks, a hair towel, and, of course, this water bottle. the best part is that, if you fall in love with a certain product, you can head to Bump Boxes site and purchase that single item or a single box related to a specific trimester.

I would definitely recommend getting a bump box subscription if you are pregnant - gift it to a friend when they find out they are pregnant. Started by parent team, Leland and Christine, they are expanding their brand to now include Bitsy Boxes: boxes that are filled with healthy and safe products tailored towards the growth of your little one from newborn to three years of age, so the fun can continue!

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